Proprietary Trading

Real-time trading and risk data and alerts 

ipushpull delivers real-time automation solutions for trading and risk. Aggregate your risk live across platforms, portfolios, asset classes and regions.

Calculate your own P&L and risk metrics and deliver to traders and risk managers in real time intra-day as streaming updates into custom apps or Excel.

Configure your own limits to trigger automated alerts to your Slack or MS Teams chat groups or to Whatsapp or SMS - so you can stay up-to-date when you're away from your desk.

Connect ipushpull’s configurable services and integrations into your existing systems… deliver powerful real-time data updates and alerts.

ipushpull solutions for Proprietary Trading

Live risk consolidation across different platforms and locations

Combine risk screens into one using ipushpull's simple, secure live data sharing

  • View your risk the way you want to see it
  • Set up alerts on P&L or exposure
  • Share risk data into your chat rooms
  • No more file sharing means real time automation

Focus less on your systems and more on your risk

View your risk away from your desk 

Monitor the market and your portfolio performance while you’re away from your desk.

  • View data or alerts over a choice of channels including Slack, Symphony, Teams and even Whatsapp
  • Push your real-time P&L, trades and portfolio to your mobile or cell phone from your trading system
  • Set up simple SMS or email alerts so you know when things get busy

ipushpull - the next generation of trading tools.

Improved efficiency
Reduced costs
Reduced errors
Better oversight

Industry Awards

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