Operations & Middle Office

Real-time control and powerful workflow tools

ipushpull offers real-time automation solutions for operations management and middle office teams.

Manage trade fails and collateral more efficiently by delivering key information into chat and custom apps, fully integrated and automated with your existing systems and workflows.

Automate aggregation of risk across platforms, portfolios, asset classes and regions intra-day and deliver to key risk managers and traders in real time.

Monitor use of spreadsheets across the organisation. Track and audit any data sharing off the desk, internal or external.

Connect ipushpull’s configurable services and integrations into your existing systems…

...to deliver powerful real-time data updates and alerts.

ipushpull solutions for Operations & Middle Office

Post-trade and Operations

Replacing files, emails and spreadsheets with live data and chat integration means more efficiency and better audit. Connect your sales and trading desks live to risk and back office for real-time risk checks and trade fails resolutions.


  • Real time collaboration and resolution on trade fails between counterparties
  • Cross function/department client on-boarding workflow management
  • Automatic counterparty risk consolidations and checking delivered as a service in chat


Automated Intra-day Risk Consolidation

Combine risk screens into one using ipushpull's simple, secure live data sharing

  • View risk summaries and drill down for more detailed views
  • Set alerts into email or chat for improved monitoring 
  • Pull the latest risk data on demand via chatbots
  • Automate spreadsheet-based reporting  

ipushpull: Real-time control for a real-time environment

Shadow IT Risk

Live Monitoring and Control of EUC's across your business.

  • More Control Live monitoring and control of EUC usage lets you track every application used across your organisation
  • Better Compliance Ensure everyone’s using the approved version of your spreadsheets, and spot unapproved copies immediately
  • Reduce Costs Monitor market data usage in your organisation’s spreadsheets and identify where licences can be reduced
  • Analytics Collect detailed usage and performance statistics for every sheet – identify the applications your users value most and spot problems with them early
  • Plug and Play ipushpull’s add-in plugs into common EUC applications like Microsoft Excel, so there’s no barrier to deployment
Improved efficiency
Reduced costs
Reduced errors
Better oversight

Industry Awards

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