Asset Managers

Fast-track to electronification and automation 

ipushpull delivers real-time solutions to enhance your communication and automation internally across your execution and trading desks and your portfolio managers, and externally with your counterparties and your clients.

We'll work with you to build tailored solutions using ipushpull's custom applications and chat bots. We'll integrate with your existing systems to replace current inefficient processes like copy-and-paste, emails and spreadsheets sharing.

ipushpull's unified modular approach means you can bring ideas to production in weeks rather than months and work iteratively and flexibly to improve efficiency of you business. 

ipushpull solutions for Asset Managers

Pre-trade Negotiation Workflows

Share pre-trade data from your internal OMS or from Excel, with your counterparties automatically over your chat platform. Streamline and automate multi-channel workflow.


  • Receive actionable live trade axes from sell side direct into Excel or into your chat and upload to your OMS
  • Streamline and manage your voice and chat workflow across multiple channels and apps  
  • Automate complex package and basket trade workflows between counterparties in a live chat environment

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An off-the-shelf Client Information Service 

We can help you to integrate the ipushpull platform to your existing systems as a multi-channel client information service, providing valuable market information and KPIs in real time or on-demand into desktop or mobile apps.    


  • White-labelled desktop and mobile applications with client-specific information including charts and live data 
  • Data-driven market or fund updates and configurable alerts sent in real time to clients
  • Configurable adapters and add-ins to connect to in-house databases and desktop apps

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Improved efficiency
Reduced costs
Reduced errors
Better oversight

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