Data Services and ISVs

A broader reach and a more flexible service

ipushpull offers off-the-shelf delivery of your data-driven service via multiple channels direct to the client desktop, chatbots, mobile or via API.

ipushpull's off-the-shelf, fully-managed cloud service means you can unlock and monetise new digital distribution channels for your data in a matter of hours. Your data and service will be accessible by a growing community of financial markets professionals, delivering your key proposition directly in into their existing desktop tools like Microsoft Excel, chat applications including MS Teams and Symphony, chatbots and via our APIs.

With ipushpull you will eliminate the inefficiencies of file-based data sharing and the onboarding headaches of customer API connections, using our multiple connections and integrations for customer access including our “zero-install” chat integration option.

Connect ipushpull’s configurable services and integrations into your existing systems… deliver powerful real-time data updates and alerts.

ipushpull solutions for Data Services & ISVs

Benefits of ipushpull & live data

Live, secure and easy to use

Introducing a more flexible, powerful and controlled way of sharing data from your local platform or cloud service. ipushpull connects automatically into your customers and clients apps, eliminating the need for manual processes and file sharing, or expensive development projects. 

  • Give you customers and clients access to key data live
  • Improve efficiency of your service
  • Improve control and analysis of data usage and consumption

Your Cloud Service or
Local Platform

Your Remote Team or


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Improved efficiency
Reduced costs
Reduced errors
Better oversight

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