Transform your client service with ipushpull

Expand your reach and improve your client experience 

Connect your existing systems to the ipushpull platform to interact directly with your clients' Excel, chat and APIs.

Replace inefficient manual tasks on the desk with live data and automated workflow for a better service.

ipushpull solutions for Brokers

Live Data: Streaming, On-demand, Alerts

Stream actionable data live to your clients' desktop applications such as Excel, Symphony, MS Teams and APIs with the ipushpull platform. ipushpull's low/no code add-ins and APIs mean fast implementation and onboarding. 


  • Prices, curves and options data delivered live into client's desktop applications and systems
  • Send RFPs to multiple clients' chat sessions with a single click
  • Trigger custom notifications to clients (chat, email, sms, mobile, Windows) to begin a negotiation  

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Enhancing your current service

ipushpull lets you improve efficiency and scale your service by offering key broking functions, all delivered into the tools you and your clients already use (spreadsheets, custom apps, chat and APIs) as a unified and automated solution.


  • Data-driven workflow for all asset classes including rates, bonds, equities, commodities, energy
  • Exchange futures block trades including quarterly calendar rolls
  • Digitise and automate complex Excel-driven option strategies, basis and basket trades

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Some other things brokers are using ipushpull for....

ipushpull brings a unified, consistent approach to digitisation and automation of a host of workflows across front- and back-office.


  • Integrate your existing Volume Matching and Periodic Auctions into client applications or APIs to broker systems    
  • Mapping data to ensure all participants can send and receive information in their chosen format 

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