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Digitise your pre-trade workflow with ipushpull

Accelerate your electronification and digital transformation projects

Connect your existing systems to your ipushpull service to deliver real-time data-driven workflows for your clients, counterparties and internal teams.

Eliminate the manual processes and operational risk associated with emails, file sharing and copy-and-paste.

ipushpull solutions for Sales & Trading

Actionable Data Distribution: Real-time or on-demand

Connect your data or pricing platform to client applications in real time, using your ipushpull low/no code service. Audit user activity, monitor usage and enhance your client service to better monetise your digital distribution channels.


  • Reference data & prices delivered on-demand across chatbots, Excel and APIs
  • Sharing of live actionable trade axes to counterparties live in Excel, chat applications or an API

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Pre-trade Negotiation Workflows: Digitise your voice and chat workflow

Connect your sales and trading desks internally, or externally with your clients in real time through your ipushpull service. Uniquely, ipushpull integrates live data into chat and desktop apps like Excel which means live pricing, streamlined workflows and a better service.


  • Deliver your live Axes into applications your clients already use
  • Manage pre-trade workflow with standardised syntax enabling deeper integration and automation  
  • Complex package and basket trade workflow negotiation between counterparts in a live data and chat environment

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Some other things Banks are using ipushpull for....

ipushpull brings a unified, consistent approach to digitisation and automation of a host of workflows across front- and back-office.


  • Connect sales and trading for real-time complex trade pricing eliminating files and emails
  • Real-time risk, collateral and margin calculations available on-demand in desktop apps or chat
  • Live centralised view of pricing and book building for syndication and origination teams

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ipushpull no/low code add-ins and integrations

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