Using desktop Excel as an ipushpull Data Source

Share data in real-time with your clients, colleagues or systems and devices direct from desktop Excel using the ipushpull Excel Add-in.

Your Excel data can be connected in real-time to chat platforms, bots, websites, APIs, cloud applications, web applications, desktop containers, databases, mobiles and even another Excel.

Move away from sharing Excel files and instead share your data in real-time with security, encryption, tracking and access controls.

Excel Data Sharing

ipushpull lets you share on-demand or streaming data from or between desktop MS Excel spreadsheets whether they’re in the same office or on opposite sides of the world. No more cutting and pasting and no more email attachments – minimising errors and saving you time.

Live Excel data to any application

ipushpull Data Pages let you share your live Microsoft Excel data with desktop apps, cloud services and web applications - simply and securely. Share live and streaming data from your desktop Excel to web pages, to chat apps like MS Teams, Slack and Symphony, to other Excel sessions or on-demand via chatbots or directly using our API. No need to share or upload a file again.

Connect your desktop Excel session to remote users of

Live, connected, seamless

Streaming or on demand

Share data in real time from your local spreadsheet and deliver it live or on demand to remote client applications including Excel, chat and ipushpull's desktop and mobile apps. And send real-time notifications as your data changes.

Secure and access controlled

Control user access to your data down to the individual cell level and monitor who's accessing it. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Quick & Easy

ipushpull's live desktop and mobile app and add-ins for the applications you're already using mean it's quick and easy to deploy and there's no development needed.

Live data sharing from Excel

No more file sharing

ipushpull integrates with your current systems, eliminating file sharing, reducing manual processes and preventing version control problems. It's a more flexiblepowerful and controlled way to share data from your spreadsheet

  • Give your customers and clients access to key data live
  • Improve efficiency, productivity and service
  • Improve control and analysis of data usage and consumption

Desktop Excel

Your Remote Team or Clients

Typical Use Cases

Distribution and monitoring

ipushpull provides real-time data distribution from your spreadsheet to any other application - improving security, visibility and productivity and reducing risks across different functions and industries.

  • Inter-dealer broker: distributing live pricing to clients
  • Risk department: automatically distributing data in real-time to senior management
  • Business intelligence: sharing live management data from spreadsheets rather than manually emailing out-of-date files

Desktop Excel

Your Remote Team or Clients

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