Data-driven Notifications

'If this, then that' live data-driven notifications into chat,
email and SMS

Automated real-time, data-driven alerts and notifications
for improved efficiency and faster decision making

Connect your data and go. No code. Fast set-up.

Your data. Your rules. Your messages

Your data. Your rules. Your messages

Configure your destination channels and user groups then push your notifications. ipushpull handles the rest, delivering to chat apps, email and SMS. All in real time.

To your team

To your team

in the office, on the go or at home

Keep your team up-to-date with the latest information whether they're in the office, on mobile or working from home. Send automated mission critical alerts or key task updates to team members directly into the apps they're already using.

To your clients & customers

To your clients & customers

Transform your data offering with your own flexible and configurable notifications service, white-labelled for you and customised for your clients or customers. Deliver the data they need, when they need it, into the desktop or mobile apps they prefer.

Total control over your data and access to it

Total control over your data and access to it

ipushpull's sophisticated access management gives you unparalleled control over who can access your data, where and when. Control access by user, application, location, time or IP address and apply end-to-end encryption to your data. And monitor usage using our audit tools.

Quick to set up and onboard

1 Setup

An ipushpull account

2 Create

Your notifications page

3 Trigger

A notification from
your application

With the ipushpull service there is no code. Get started straight away by creating an account and connecting your source data. Then invite your team or customers and configure for the client applications they are using. With notifications, on demand and streaming data you can keep your team or customers up to date with the latest information for quicker, better informed decisions.

No code data sources and client integrations

Data Sources


Client Apps

Microsoft Teams

Tried and tested across sectors

Real-time Trading & Risk

Automatic alerts to chat or SMS based on your own P&L or risk calculations and thresholds.

Live financial operations

Send alerts for critical ops and KPIs using ipushpull. Automatically deliver metrics to key staff and management.

Active project management

Automatic chat or email notifications for priority tasks to your team from your Excel project plan.

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