Distribute live data and updates to your clients

  • Push selected live data, charts, research docs and news updates into your client's very own ipushpull workspaces
  • Stream your information into secure 3rd party chat applications like Slack and Symphony
  • Improve your focus and service by keeping track on how your clients are interacting with your information with live usage tracking
  • Add your comments, ideas and alerts in real time throughout the day
  • Re-brand the platform as your own
Welcome to the next generation of Client Engagement Tools.

Share key data secure and live across your global desks

No more file sharing or double-punching data between desks or systems

  • Connect to your current platforms or Excel to share live prices, orders or client risk across your desks
  • View in real time in our web app or into your secure chat rooms
  • Set up multi-page workspaces for a consistent, efficient desktop experience
Less time keeping systems up-to-date and more on servicing your clients

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