At ipushpull we are committed to growth through innovation. We constantly strive to improve and extend our product lines, whether it’s through our own award-winning research and development projects, our collaborative partnerships with academia or our deep engagement with business leaders and customers in the markets in which we operate.

Government Research & Development Grants

Our commitment to innovation has been recognised by the UK Government’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills: to date, we have won two InnovateUK Smart Grants to support our research projects in the fields of mobile data security, advanced access control and user privacy. These projects have led to US and European patent applications and have generated new technology which we have integrated into our existing offerings and used to build new products and services.

Academic Partnerships

In addition to our in-house research, we have nurtured collaborative partnerships with academics and researchers at leading UK universities including the University of St. Andrews, Cass Business School in London and Bournemouth University Business School. These relationships, spanning technology, business and the financial markets, have ensured that we remain ahead of the curve in both the technology we deliver and the range of capabilities we support.

It has been exciting working with the ipushpull team in developing and applying technology, to transform business challenges into working reality within the ipushpull applications.

University of St Andrews, Prof. Saleem Bhatti

Customer and Market Research

Our close relationships with our customers and business leaders in our key markets ensure that the focus of our research and development is always directed towards solving genuine customer needs. At ipushpull, we are dedicated to producing cutting-edge technology that adapts to the way our customers work and streamlines their business processes without the imposition of new and unfamiliar tools and workflows.

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