Live data sharing and workflow into
Symphony Apps and Bots

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Improve workflow across sales & trading, operations and with your clients

Connect your data into Symphony and create end-to-end data-driven workflows

Live & Streaming Data

Connect any live or streaming data into the ipushpull Symphony app

Data on demand

Push and pull the latest data directly into chat with ipushpull Symphony chatbots

Data-driven Notifications

Configure our data-driven notification service so that key info is sent to Symphony chat

Custom Apps & Workflows

Create custom Symphony apps and chatbots by configuration, using ipushpull

Simplify everyday workflow

Share data live into Symphony chats and eliminate file sharing and email attachments.

Real-time data interoperability, through sharing ranges of data instead of files, provides targeted, integrated and actionable updates from any grid-based application or database direct into Symphony.

Sales & trading

Distribute streaming data to create data-driven workflows

Axes / RFQs / IOIs

Share live data internally, or to your clients, such as streaming prices and axes to trigger data-driven workflows such as RFQs and IOIs.

Live data can be shared from APIs, pricing engines, Excel, databases, blotters and internal systems direct into a Symphony app or to a chatbot.

Ideal for:

  • Dealers distributing pricing and axes to buyside bypassing expensive financial data and middleware vendors
  • Streamlining pre-trade negotiation RFQ workflow between buyside and sellside
  • Eliminating spreadsheets, copy paste and email workflow between syndication, sales and trading desks

See how Natwest Markets digital sales share live axes into Symphony using ipushpull

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Back office workflow

Share your data not files

Operations / Fund Admin /
Custody / Prime Brokers

No need to share files with colleagues and counterparties while working on fails and exceptions management and status reports.

Remove version control issues and reduce emails by sharing and collaborating on your data from Excel and other data applications inside of a Symphony chat.

Improve efficiency by automating manual workflows, eliminating application context switching and creating live alerts and notifications when tasks are pending or complete.

Audited, secure, live.

ipushpull was a global sponsor of Innovate 2019 in both New York and Singapore

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ipushpull wins the inaugural Symphony Innovation Award at Innovate Asia 2018

“What ipushpull has accomplished on Symphony is seeing magic in action. I am not surprised that they won the Symphony Innovation Award. Well deserved!”

David Gurle, CEO of Symphony

ipushpull featured on an Operations panel discussion at Symphony Innovate 2017 NYC alongside Goldmans Sachs, BNY Mellon, Nomura, Wells Fargo, RBC and Salesforce

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