Excel as a Client App

Share live data from your in-house platform or cloud service directly into your client's Excel

Push live data directly into your client's Excel and other desktop or mobile apps by connecting to our secure distribution platform using our suite of APIs, and benefit from ipushpull's powerful access controls and usage monitoring.

Live data direct to clients

Live data direct to clients

Connect your data from any source (API, database, chat, Excel) and share in real time or on demand directly to your client's desktop MS Excel spreadsheets. No more cutting and pasting and no more email attachments – it saves time, minimises errors and makes it live.

Data on demand in Excel

"We can now offer a functionally rich Excel plugin for desktop users to access our reference data, which integrates seamlessly within users’ existing workflow"

Mark Woolfenden, Managing Director of Euromoney TRADEDATA

Make on-demand the future of data consumption by providing your clients the power to pull data in real time, as and when they need it.

Live & Streaming Data

Connect Excel to live ipushpull data pages for streaming data at your fingertips

Data on demand

Pull the latest data into a custom Excel workflow at the click of a button

Custom Apps & Workflows

Integrate your configurable ipushpull applications into workflows

Excel Desktop Audit

Excel Desktop Audit

ipushpull lets you monitor and control usage of desktop spreadsheets across your organisation in real-time.

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