Desktop Containers 

Share live data and workflow into desktop container apps and to external users

Where desktop containers such as ChartIQ Finsemble and Openfin provide desktop interoperability, ipushpull provides real-time data interoperability.

Be fast-to-market and minimise development with ipushpull pages that are FDC3 compliant and will work out-of-the-box across desktop containers and apps. The ipushpull cloud can even be used to connect remote desktop containers across organisations.

Build integrated powerful data-driven workflows that will interoperate across data and desktops with a consistent and unified approach.

Live & Streaming Data

Streaming data from any source direct into FDC3 compliant ipushpull pages

Data-driven Notifications

Fully integrated into desktop container notification services

Data on demand

Pull the latest data from remote applications into ipushpull pages in desktop containers

Custom Apps & Workflows

Integrate custom workflows and apps into desktop containers

Video of Finsemble integration´╗┐

See how ipushpull, ChartIQ Finsemble, Bloomberg and Microsoft Teams can interoperate without using any code

Share live data and workflow from external
applications and data sources


into these desktop containers using ipushpull

Cosaic - Finsemble

Typical Use Cases

Bring data on demand and data-driven workflows into desktop containers
Use real-time data interoperability to streamline your user desktop experience


Distributing live trade axes via API into desktop container app 

Asset manager

Managing pre-trade negotiation workflow with counterparts using desktop container app and notifications

Proprietary trading

Integrated sales and trading workflow with real-time data interoperability 

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