API for your Clients

Delivering your data or service to clients by API

API - Automation for your clients

Once your platform or service is connected to ipushpull your clients can connect their internal applications and systems and push and pull data automatically via our suite of APIs

Streaming or on demand

Share data in real time from your local platform or cloud service and deliver it live or on demand to your remote clients via our client APIs. 

Secure & access controlled

Unified user access controls give consistent permissioning and monitoring across all client applications and APIs. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Quick & easy onboarding

Our easy-to-use and well documented client APIs mean clients can be set up, connected and running with live access within hours.

Our suite of client APIs include


Benefits of ipushpull

Benefits of ipushpull

Live, secure and easy to use

ipushpull integrates with your current systems, eliminating file sharing, reducing manual processes and preventing version control problems. It's a more flexible, powerful and controlled way to share data from your local systems

  • Give your customers and clients access to key data live
  • Improve efficiency, productivity and service
  • Improve control and analysis of data usage and consumption

Your Cloud Service or
Local Platform

Your Remote Team or

Typical Use Cases

Distribution, aggregation, monitoring

Improving security, visibility and productivity and reducing risks across different functions and industries

Bank: distributing trade axes via API into client-side Excel, Symphony and API

Broker: distributing live OTC prices to client base from an internal pricing engine

Asset manager: sending trade orders into ipushpull custom app in Symphony

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